Comapany Name   Minato Liqueur Supply Co.,Ltd
Ceo Kazue Takahashi 
Address 〒105-0012
2-13-6 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 3rd floor
TEL. +81 03-5472-7318
FAX. +81 03-5472-7319
Selling price We will give you a price list
We will inform you of the prices of products not listed in our price list at a later date.
Discount (1) Determined for each product together with the brewer
(2) Determined by product shipping quantity contract
(3) Determined by product shipping unit

*Please contact me for more information
Rebate Progressive system based on annual purchase quantity
Please contact me for more information
payment method
(1) We will check the inventory of the products ordered from you with the brewer.
(2) We will send you an invoice after the items that can be shipped are confirmed.
(3) Please pay when you receive the invoice.

* If we make a reservation for a container ship on your behalf, the container price will be added
Advance documents (1) Contract
(2) Detailed transaction description
Distribution area All countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan
Payment currency Japanese Yen Only
Product delivery Free On Board
Product damage In case of product damage, we will refund the product price.
However, you will be responsible for any damage after passing Japan Customs.
Countries related to our company
Asia China
Hong Kong
North America USA
Oceania Australia
Europe Italy