Minato Liquor Supply Co.,Ltd.


Our purpose

We are a trading company specializing in alcoholic beverages such as "local sake," "local shochu," "umeshu," and "domestic whiskey."
We sell to trading companies and liquor retailers around the world, and in Japan to 1500 liquor retailers, hotels, Japanese restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Taiwanese restaurants, Thai restaurants, etc.
There are more than 1,400 alcoholic beverage manufacturers in Japan.
We do business with more than half of the brewers, and we handle a large number of products.
We have a large selection of products that meet overseas standards.
We make many original products for each country in close cooperation with sake brewers.
If you would like to purchase Japanese alcoholic beverages, please contact us.

[Our features]
(1) Japan's top class product lineup
(2) Lower price than anywhere else
(3) Make original products as you wish
(4) We will deliver in the shortest time in cooperation with the shipping company.
(5) Store products in a refrigerated warehouse adjusted to 5 degrees.
(6) We will support overseas sales promotion by utilizing the subsidy of the Japanese government.
(7) Abundant overseas network

[Our goal]
Our job is to deliver high quality and delicious sake in a timely manner as a behind-the-scenes way for people all over the world to enjoy their food more deliciously.
Delivery destinations are Japan and overseas.

Keeping the taste of the brewery
-While putting information on the product-
Minato Liquor Supply continues to take on challenges to make people around the world smile.