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Keeping the taste of the brewery
-Make people around the world smile with sake-

Minato Liquor Supply Co.,Ltd. will continue to challenge
We are a liquor wholesaler specializing in local sake,local shochu,umeshu,and Japanese whiskey.
Sales destinations are hotels, Japanese-style inns, Japanese restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and overseas buyers.
Our job is to deliver delicious sake in a timely manner as a behind-the-scenes way for consumer to enjoy their food more deliciously.
And the job of delivering this delicious sake means thorough quality control.
We keep the temperature of local sake at 5 ℃ and deliver it from the brewery to our company and from our company to our customers using a refrigerator car so as not to spoil the taste of the brewery.
In addition, the temperature and humidity of other alcoholic beverages are controlled by air circulation in the warehouse.
Our aim is to receive the words"It is safe to buy from Minato" from Buyers around the world.
This is the most happy word.
In order for our customers to provide as many bottles of sake as possible, we aim to deliver the taste of the brewery as it was when it was shipped.
We are committed to continuing to be a bridge between local breweries and consumers around the world.
Minato Liquor Supply Co.,Ltd.will continue to take on
endless challenges to realize this dream.


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